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Personal training in self-defense.

Train in easy to learn basic fighting and self-defense techniques.

Gain valuable skills and confidence to defend yourself!

Small group hands-on training seminars also available.


Take Responsibility For Your Own Safety!

      • Don’t be a victim or look like one!
      • Heighten Awareness
      • Improve Confidence
      • Learn Basic Fighting Skills
      • Learn Self-Defense Techniques


Violence happens to people who are:

      • Unprotected
      • Unsuspecting
      • Unprepared

Start training! Get scheduled today!

Gain the Mindset to React Swiftly & Aggressively

Prepare to learn:

  • Sacramento self defense trainingStrikes
  • Kicks
  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Defend Chokes
  • Defend Holds… and More


Skills and Confidence!

In addition to your hands-on training, I will discuss awareness and gaining the confident mindset to minimize the chances of being picked as a victim.


You will learn that in a real violent encounter there are no rules…you fight back violently and aggressively!

Janet Pirtle

Janet Pirtle

Training in self-defense and mma since 2006, Janet began training individuals self-defense and fighting techniques in 2010. Currently a Brown Belt in Krav Maga, Janet also earned her Level 1 Instructor Certification in 2010 from The Krav Maga Alliance Association. Krav Maga “contact combat” was developed in Israel. It’s an agressive, effective tactical self-defense and fighting system. Her experience also include functional training, cross-fit, and cardio conditioning.

In addition to teaching self-defense she became interested in educating people, particularly women, on how not to present themselves unconsciously as likely victims.

Janet Pirtle believes in the aggressive, ballistic  approach to self-defense as taught in Krav Maga. She is passionate about empowering others with the confidence and skills to fight back aggressively in a violent encounter.